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Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Parts suppliers
ZR Technology was found in 2006,located in Guangming District,Shenzhen City,518106,China,is a manufacturing and trading company.We specialize in CNC machining for precision parts and sheet metal fabrication,providing our customers with good quality products and best service.Developing with our customers,now we have more than 40 staffs working in our company,and we have three production lines in our workshop:CNC Machining,Sheet Metal Fabrication and Punching.Our customers come from all over the world,mainly in Western Europe,US,Canada and Australia,India.
Our CNC workshop covers 1200 square meters,owning 10 sets of auto lathes,20 sets of milling centers including 2 sets of 3-axis CNC milling center,2 sets of 4-axis CNC milling center,and we have 2 sets of 5-axis machining centers.To guarantee the quality,we obtain ISO9001:2008 certificate and strictly follow the system.We have a microscope and 2-points measurement for dimension inspection.We have cooperated factories for surface treatment such as anodizing,plating,sand blasting,grinding…
For mass production,we developed the punching and forging lines.Now we have 7 sets of punching machines and 2 sets of forging machines.Through punching and forging technology,we can rapidly make the rough parts with large quantity,and then complete the tight tolerance through CNC machining.
To provide more manufacturing service to our customers,we built a sheet metal fabrication line with capabilities including laser cutting,bending,welding and brush finish.This enhance our manufacturing ability,bring us to a higher level of metal fabrication.
ZR Technology specializes in CNC turning,CNC milling,CNC machining,5 axis machining,punching,laser cutting,,bending,welding,and many surface treatment such as anodizing,plating,grinding,polishing,powder coating…The materials we can machine including aluminum,steel,stainess steel,brass,copper,POM,bronze…
We customize precision machining parts for various industries,including auto parts,motor parts,medical parts,hydraulic parts,communication parts,equipment parts,electronic parts,etc.
Our market is mainly distributed in US,Canada,Western Europe,Australia and India,and we are developing more and more market share in the world.
We are always providng best service to our customers.For any inquiry,we guarantee to response within 24 hours,and for some cases,we can provide free samples for quality approval.We would try our best to manage the production and deliver to customers in time,and before delivery,we would do quality inspection to double check the parts.We also provide best after-sales service,we guarantee to remake the parts and send to customers for free if they found not good products.Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Parts suppliers

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